Streamside Starter Kit with 36 Fly Assortment - Fly Box Starter

$62.00 $35.00

Perfect for the beginning to advanced angler. Compact design makes it great for when space is at a premium. Take it when hiking in or put it in the glove box for when that roadside stream calls.

  • Fly box with storage for flies on one side and tools on the other
  • 36 High Quality flies (Click Expand Below for List)
  • Popular fly patterns including dries, wets, nymphs and beadheads to cover a variety of fishing conditions 
  • Sizes range from 20 to 6
  • Forceps, Nippers, Pin-on Zinger, Fly Line Cleaner/ Leader Straightener
  • Slit Foam
  • Holds up to 142 Flies
  • Box Measures L 6in. X W 4in. X D 1.75in.

Flies Included: