Stuffed Fish: 17 inch Alantic Salmon


Realistic, adorable, quality "Critters" intended for children of all ages.

One cannot be taught the love of the great outdoors. The skills to live and survive in it can be learned. The intangible connnectedness with nature is personal and private. Often, one has an influential person in their life that introduces and shares with them all of nature's beauty and wonderment.

Thus is the basis for Cabin Critters. We were inspired by an ardent pursuer of the great outdoors and his passion had to be recognized. In his memory, we decided to create plush replications of the fish and wildlife that brought us so many exciting and fun-filled experiences. The Critters are intended for children of all ages...for the child in all of us.

It is our wish that these Critters help introduce a new generation to the beauty of nature and remind us all of that special fishing, hunting or extraordinary outdoor experience.