Tapered Leaders

$2.50 $2.00

Designed to transfer casting energy down to the tippet for a controlled turnover and precise fly presentation.

  • Made from fine clear nylon
  • Superb knot strength
  • Smooth and accurate turnover
  • Improved suppleness
  • Roll out easily for effortless and precise casting
 Spec    0X    1X    2X    3X    4X    5X    6X    7X
 Tip Dia. .0109in .010in .009in. .0079in .007in. .0059in .005in .004in
 Butt Dia. .025in. .022in .022in. .021in. .021in. .021in. .017in. .017in.
 Strength 10.6lbs  9.1lbs  7.8lbs  6.8lbs  5.4lbs  4.3lbs   3lbs  2.5lbs